Guttenberg Golf Course
Welcome to the Guttenberg Golf Course


2017 Tournament Schedule **Must be 18 or Older** Please bring a check or cash for entry fees - we do now have an ATM - Thanks Ole!   


May 13th 3 Man 9:00am


June 10th 4 Man 9:00am


June 24th Guttenberg Amateur Open


July 8th 3 Person  (8" Cup) 

July 16th (Sun) Clubhouse Tournament  (Members Only)


July 26th 50 & Older Shoot-out Men 2 PM Women 3:00 PM

July 27th 18 & Older Shoot-out Men 9 Women 11   


July 28th Guttenberg "Fore" Person Invitational


Aug 4th Men's and Women Senior 10:00 AM


Aug 12th 4 Lady Beer Tournament 10:00 AM


Aug 19th Claytonian 9:00 AM



Aug 26th and 27th Couples Best Shot


Sept 9th Ryder 27holes 9:00am   

Sept 16th 8" Cup 4 Person 9:00am   


Sept 24th St. Mary's Outing 3:00 PM